This is a known fact that ego and greed are the enemies of humanity and can destroy anyone completely from within. At a time when everything was going well for the Shiv Sena and its Supremo, ego and greed took him away from the pre-poll Hindutva alliance with BJP. The greed of power and Chief Ministerial post made him compromise from the soul of the party – Hindutva. Now all the political conspiracies and heist of people’s mandate have gone in vain. Every new development points in one direction alone. That is Hindutva Yuti.

Shiv Sainik checkmates dynastic leadership

After eating the humble pie for two-and-a-half years, the anger and disappointment of Shiv Sainiks have outbursts against their own party Supremo Uddhav Thackeray. The Party Chief Uddhav Ji who dumped core Hindutva ideology for the plump post of Maharashtra CM has been thrown under the bus by committed followers of Balasaheb Thackeray. The rebellion engulfed the ego of the CM and his control over the party.

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Indecisive leadership and tactics to appease parties within the alliance have badly backfired on CM Thackeray. It is alleged that just to be on CM’s chair he reduced himself as a second fiddle to Sharad Pawar who took his party for a ride. Pawar for his political gains took Shiv Sena as far away as possible from the Hindutva ideology. It forced it to speak in favour of Muslim reservation and what not.

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But as they say, a party without a well defined ideology doesn’t last for a long time. The altered Shiv Sena of Uddhav Thackeray suffered its slow and painful death. The rebellion of hardcore Shiv Sainiks became a catalyst in this and tardy emotional speech of CM Thackeray proved to be the death nail of compromised Shiv Sena called as ‘Sonia’ Sena in political circles.

Eknath Shinde: Staunch Shiv Sainik, Pro-Hindutva leader taking charge

Eknath Shinde is not a one-day wonder guy. He has been a hardcore Shiv Sainik who got direct guidance from Balasaheb Thackeray and Anand Dighe, the tall leader from Thane. Shinde was always the go to guy for the Shiv Sena in times of crises. So who else could have resurrected the party if not him? Unlike Uddhav Thackeray, Eknath Shinde has risen from ground politics. He has a deep command on party organisational structure and understands the pulse on ground. That is why he rejected the offer of a CM-ship by fringe members of the Uddhav camp. With a tough stance on Hindutva and Yuti with a nationalist likeminded party, Eknath Shinde has resurrected the older and original Shiv Sena and hints of times to come.

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Devendra Fadnavis: Man on a mission

The incumbent Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis brought Hindutva alliance back to power in the 2019 Maharashtra assembly elections. But this people’s mandate suffered a political coup and three stark ideology parties formed Maha Vikas Aghadi. Without losing his composure he gracefully exposed every wrongdoings of the unholy coalition government. Thanks to his responsible opposition, two tainted Ministers of MVA are behind bars.

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Fadnavis with his meticulous planning and cooperation skills gave back to back upsets for the MVA government in the form of Rajya Sabha and State Council elections. He exposed the cracks within the unholy alliance and in a way proved to be the opening which rebel Sena MLAs needed to reclaim the party from the clutches of Sharad Pawar through Uddhav ji.

So very soon things would get in proper shape as they should have been in the first place had Uddhav ji not committed this political hara-kiri. With two-and-a-half years wasted, Maharashtra voters will be vindicated and the Hindutva Yuti will be back in power under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis with Pro-Hindutva leader Eknath Shinde as his deputy and Thackerays will pay the ultimate prices for betraying the party’s Hindutva ideology.

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