IIFAs are outdated. Filmfare, too, is overrated. Oscar, probably, is a fake award ceremony.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the world’s most ‘renowned’ awards ceremony organised by Indian American Muslim Council. These are called the anti-Hindu awards. Oops! My bad, Human Rights and Religious Freedom Journalism (HRRF) Awards.

You may think why I am comparing journalism awards with entertainment awards. Well, hold your horses. I’ll clear the air gradually. For now, let’s find out more about these awards.

The Indian American Muslim Council, a radical Islamist group that claims to be the “largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the US” decided to pay their poodles. But, how to pay? Then they appeared with their ‘revolutionary’ annual Human Rights and Religious Freedom Journalism (HRRF).

Anti-Hindu Awards or HRRF Awards?

The awards have been organised only to pay respect to the anti-Hindu media portals working around the clock to shatter peace all across the nation by peddling the narratives of radical groups such as IAMC.  The cash prizes worth lakhs for some of its ‘beloved journalists’ from The Wire, News Minute, Newslaundry and other such publications have been announced as these portals have been furthering its cause by peddling anti-India agendas.

A look at the ‘winners’

No prize for guessing who are the winners of the awards and cash by IAMC. They all belong to the left-liberal lobby and are the flag bearer of propaganda journalism. The shortlisted winners for various cash prizes included Shahid Tantray of The Caravan Magazine, Aishwarya S Iyer of Scroll, Ismat Ara from The Wire, Sumedha Mittal from The Caravan, Naomi Barton from The Wire, and Priyanka Thirumurthy of The News Minute and  Akanksha Kumar of Newslaundry among others.

Wait, what? Here’s the biggest surprise for you. The shortlisted channels for the ‘best media organisation’ award include the portals like The Scroll, Newslaundry, Maktoob media, Article 14, and ‘Mooknayak’.

While the ‘Best text reporting on human rights and religious freedom’ category, the winner was Newslaundry’s Akanksha Kumar, Priyanka Tirumurthy from News Minute and Shahid Tantray from Caravan magazine.

The award ceremony also had speakers. Hilarious, right? But, someone was needed to spew venom against India and thus US-based journalist and producer of the show ‘Democracy Now’ Amy Goodman and British journalist Yvonne Ridley were invited. Ridley said, “India has become one of the dangerous places for journalists to write critically about certain aspects of India including the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi.”

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You see, all the awards have been given keeping in mind the anti-India ideology. Every journalist and media portal on the list has been relentlessly working against the nation’s interests. Under the garb of journalism, the Islamists’ cause was peddled by these portals and their so-called journalists who have been awarded by IAMC.

Have you now understood why I compared the awards being given to journalists to the awards given to actors?

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