The way Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, sees it, President Joe Biden has no one else to blame for his shaky start in office, saying that it is a case of “liberals gone wild.”

Inflation in the United States was running hot long before Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, and gas prices were destined to reach all-time highs after then-candidate Biden, circa 2020, promised to shut down oil pipelines and halt all new drilling in North America.

“It was his [campaign] promise to raise gas prices,” Cruz said on Newsmax Wednesday night, while serving as a guest for “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Which brought Cruz to a larger point about the state of America under Biden.

“You know what’s amazing? All of this is self-inflicted. We’re seeing the results of the radical, left-wing ideology. What is really odd is that today’s Democratic Party has become captive to the extremists and socialists,” said Cruz. 

He then added, “As the Biden White House sees the wheels coming off, they know they’re headed for a trainwreck in November. And yet, they’re still unwilling to change. They’re doubling down.”

When Cruz talks of November, he’s alluding to the Republicans possibly overtaking the House and Senate chambers after the midterm elections.

By just about any polling metric, Cruz says the Democrats are losing the collective faith of the American people.

And by “doubling down,” Cruz cites three explanations for the Democrats’ stubbornness with failed policies, even though the midterm elections are on the horizon.

  • Elected Democrats are “terrified” of the radicals in their own party, even “more scared by the radicals than the voters in November,” says Cruz.
  • “There are no adults in charge” of Biden’s White House, says the Texas senator. “He’s not up to the job — that’s painfully obvious to anyone watching this” from afar. 
  • The corporate media may be broken beyond repair. “[In the past], they always leaned left. But now they’re open propagandists for the White House,” says Cruz. 

From Cruz’s perspective, the Democrats’ reckless game of willingly hurting American families likely hasn’t bottomed out yet. 

“Remember the old ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos from Spring Break?” Cruz rhetorically asked Schmitt.

“[The Biden administration] is ‘Liberals Gone Wild.’ They’re embracing extreme, nutty views that are so extreme … that even the people of San Francisco just voted to recall their left-wing [George] Soros prosecutor [district attorney Chesa Boudin].

“When you’ve gone too liberal for San Francisco, that tells you that you’re way off course for the American people,” says Cruz.


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