There has been a trend of cooperative and competitive politics among the BJP-ruled states. They are implementing similar laws and policies within their state one after the other. The Bulldozer model popularised by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath has been adopted by other states as well. On a similar note, the Madhya Pradesh government may adopt the UP’s model of modernising the madarsas.

Madhya Pradesh government to instill patriotism in Madarsas

All the Madarsas in Madhya Pradesh may soon recite the national anthem. The state Home Minister Narottam Mishra has hinted that the state may consider making it compulsory for all the madarsas in the state to recite the National Anthem on the lines of the UP government. When the reporters asked him about UP’s step, he said, “It is a good thing. It is a national anthem and it can be sung everywhere”.

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While responding to the question whether the MP government will do the same, he said, “It is a matter of consideration…It can be considered”. The State BJP President Vishnu Dutt Sharma too responded positively on this matter. He said, “We are not asking anyone to sing the national anthem in Pakistan. We are just asking for educational institutions situated in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and all corners of the country to sing the national anthem and national song and slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.“

Uttar Pradesh setting an example in modernising Madrasas

To instill the feelings of patriotism and cultural awareness among students, the Registrar of the Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Board issued an order to make it mandatory for all Madarsas to recite the National Anthem. The government will make new subjects  Hindi, English, maths, social sciences and science mandatory to modernise Madarsas and mainstream the students. The UP Madarsa Board chairman said, “Six examination papers will be made mandatory with the addition of these subjects. These subjects were optional until now and taught from NCERT books. We want our students to be part of the mainstream.”

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Before this, the Yogi government started a special scheme to modernise the Madarsas of the state that aimed to impart modern education. It came out that certain Madrasas only existed on paper to get the benefits under this modernisation scheme. Hence, the UP government started an inquiry into all 7,442 madrasas.

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These trends of replicating each other’s laws, rules and procedures by the BJP ruled states are a welcome sign for the country. The Madhya Pradesh Home Minister is known for his resolute steps and hence these positive signs from him indicates that soon all Madarsas in MP will recite the National Anthem.

Hence not just the MP government, these steps were taken by the UP government to modernise and mainstream education in Madarsas should be adopted by other state governments too just like the Bulldozer model has been implemented.

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