Not every migrant is a terrorist or a pedophile, but when media, police and other authorities intentionally hide the migrant background of such criminals, they put the entire population at risk. Of course, they’re trying to create the impression that their mass migration policies are working. This is an unconscionable betrayal of the public.

Police in Bedfordshire, England, did everything they could to hide the migrant background of migrant Romanian pedophile, Zakei Ciurar, persistently calling him only a “Luton man.” They even tried to buy the silence of the parents of the 13-year-old girl he raped. Similarly, the BBC “referred to failed Albanian asylum seeker Eltiona Skana, who slit a child’s throat in front of her horrified parents in a public park on Mother’s Day, as merely a ‘Bolton woman.’”

When pressed for answers about Ciurar, police answered (as they would in most Western countries these days): “Immigration isn’t something the police really deal with.” They sure dealt with it before political correctness and the “Islamophobia” canard took root. The public has a right to know who their neighbors are. Yet UK police were actually told to look for “other ethnicities” as Muslim rape gangs preyed on girls.

Via lax immigration policies, once-peaceful countries have seen sharp increases in organized crime, jihad threats, and widespread disregard for rule of law. In the UK, Muslim migrant parents even sent their sons back to Somalia to avoid knife crime in Sadiq Khan’s London. Factors that once led responsible foreign immigrants to pursue a better life in Western countries are diminishing as Western countries descend into lawlessness and unsustainable economies, thanks to reckless authorities who are derelict in their duty to ensure public safety.

“UK Police Admit Paedophile ‘Luton Man’ was Migrant After Breitbart Report,” Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, May 9, 2022:

Police in Bedfordshire, England, had admitted that a paedophile described as a “Luton man” was a migrant after Breitbart London reported their refusal to disclose his nationality.

Bedfordshire Police did not disclose the nationality of 29-year-old Zakei Ciurar, convicted of “three counts of sexual activity with a child, two of which involved penetration” after grooming a 13-year-old girl and offering her parents money to try and hush up his crimes, in a news bulletin on his sentencing, and local media referred to him only as a “Luton man”.

Similar language has been used by the mainstream media to avoid mentioning the background of foreign criminals in the past.

The BBC, for example, referred to failed Albanian asylum seeker Eltiona Skana, who slit a child’s throat in front of her horrified parents in a public park on Mother’s Day, as merely a “Bolton woman” in several reports, justifying it to this reporter by claiming that they “refer to ethnicity, race or sexuality only where we believe there is a direct relevance to the case in hand” — but admitting she was an immigrant in subsequent reporting.

It was in this context that Breitbart London asked Bedfordshire Police to confirm Zakei Ciurar’s nationality, receiving the astonishing response that “[i]mmigration isn’t something the police really deal with” and that they could not pass the information on in any case, supposedly due to data protection laws.

Breitbart London disputed this, given the police news bulletin on Ciurar’s sentencing included his photograph, age, and address at Hitchin Road, but the police were adamant that they had already “given the relevant info” and that we would have to “speak to immigration”, possibly in reference to the Immigration Enforcement agency at the Home Office.

However, after Breitbart London reported this refusal on May 7th — and despite the fact the police force’s anonymous correspondent had insisted they would “leave this matter there” — a proper reply from a named senior communications advisor staffer was sent on Monday afternoon, confirming that Ciurar was indeed a Romanian migrant…….

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