British authorities are dealing with this in the same way they dealt with Muslim rape gangs: they do nothing, for fear of being called “Islamophobic.” And in a few years, many of these prisoners are going to be out on the streets.

“Vile terrorists ‘set up Sharia courts in British jails and flog prisoners who disobey,’” by Adam Cailler, Daily Star, April 27, 2022:

Two of London’s most notorious prisons allegedly have Sharia courts set up by inmates inside.

According to anti-terror specialist Sir Jonathan Hall, lags at Belmarsh and Whitemoor prisons – and possibly others – have been taken over by certain “charismatic…self-styled emirs”.

He made the comments in his review of how terrorism is being dealt with inside prisons.

Sir Jonathan also claimed that prison staff are unable to do their jobs properly because they are “worried about making false assumptions based on a lack of cultural familiarity with Islam or Muslims”.

And if any fellow prisoners are found to be making, what the Sharia court “judges” deem to be comments which fall foul of their rules, there are enforcers on hand to “flog them” and make them do “menial tasks” such as cleaning ceilings – they are also banned from using the showers and kitchens unless they stick to a halal diet….

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