The media doesn’t care. Only if Tlaib had attended an entirely peaceful rally in opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women would there be an uproar.

“Meet Rashida Tlaib’s Favorite Anti-Israel Publisher,” by Chuck Ross and Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, May 26, 2022:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) spoke at a rally this month with a pro-Hamas newspaper publisher who urged Palestinians to attack Israel.

Tlaib shared the stage with Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Dearborn-based Arab American News, at the second annual Metro Detroit March for Jerusalem Palestine on May 15. Siblani, whose newspaper cosponsored the event, urged Arabs in Michigan and elsewhere to “fight within [their] means” against Israel, whether it be with “stones,” “guns,” or “their hands.” He sang the praises of the “fedayeen”—Islamic militants—for “striking [Israel] with knives and with their bare hands.”

In her speech, Tlaib railed against what she called the “apartheid” Israeli government and urged Arab Americans to run for office in order to advance the Palestinian cause in Washington, D.C.

Tlaib has emerged as one of the most vocal anti-Israel activists in Congress and is a strong backer of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to inflict economic harm on Israel. Tlaib has accused Jewish supporters of Israel of holding dual loyalties, a term widely considered anti-Semitic in nature.

Siblani has an extensive history praising the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas. He told the Washington Post in 2003 that he viewed Hamas and Hezbollah as “freedom fighters” rather than terrorists. He told the Chicago Tribune in 2006 he would “be willing to go to jail” if the FBI decided to round up supporters of Hezbollah. Tlaib’s campaign has accepted $1,250 in contributions from Siblani since 2018, including $500 on March 13, according to Federal Election Commission records. Tlaib’s campaign spent $1,025 in 2020 on ads in Siblani’s paper, which has a history of publishing anti-Semitic content….

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