Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization reportedly made an informal agreement not to send tanks and warplanes to Ukraine during the invasion by Russia due to concern that it would escalate the conflict, according to the German Press Agency.

The DPA reports that NATO countries have expressed concerns that any shipments of heavy weapons to Ukraine would be seen as an escalation by Russia, which could respond aggressively.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, said this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos that NATO “is completely sidelined and doing literally nothing” to help Ukraine.

He added that when Russia first invaded, “there was a public sentiment that NATO was the strong force and the EU was only capable of expressing various different levels of concern.” He added: “War is always a test that takes the masks off.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a national address this week that “we need the help of our partners – above all, weapons for Ukraine. Full help. Without exceptions, without limits, enough to win.”

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