Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has surprised everyone today by making a bizarre claim that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi brought social media into the country. The Rajasthan CM was speaking to media persons after paying his tributes to former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru on his death anniversary.

Gehlot said that these days a lot of low-level comments are made about Nehru on social media, and that social media was brought by Rajiv Gandhi. CM Gehlot also alleged that crores of rupees are spent to propagate such comments on social media, and questioned what inspiration youngsters will get from these comments.

The Rajasthan CM also claimed that there are ‘teams’ located across the country to make such comments about the Congress leaders. He mentioned that even on his posts, he gets such comments that there is no point in reading them. Gehlot further said that he has no issues if the attacks are political or ideological, but personal attacks don’t suit any political party.

Congress has in the past claimed multiple times that Rajiv Gandhi brought computers and mobile phones to India, but this is the first time that a Congress leader has claimed that he even brought social media to the country.

Ashok Gehlot’s claim surprised everyone as social media was flooded with questions from curious netizens over Rajiv Gandhi’s contribution to social media.

Minister of State in Uttar Pradesh, Dinesh Pratap Singh said- Social Media came to India after 2004, Rajiv Gandhi died in 1991. But, Ashok Gehlot can give full credit of Memes to Rahul Gandhi.

Another user by the handle of @MrSinha_ listed the year in which various social media websites were started, wondering how Rajiv Gandhi could have possibly contributed to them.

While some other users could only laugh at this bizarre statement from Gehlot.

The first social media website, Six Degrees was created in 1996, and formally launched in 1997, 6 years after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

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