Peace is the prerequisite for progress. India has been successful in maintaining peace and security by averting major terror attacks. This created a conducive atmosphere for steady progress. But the enemies of India want to hamper India’s progress and create a ruckus and bloodshed in the country. Lately, the Khalistani elements have cropped up their heads and committed terror acts in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. But, thankfully, the Haryana government is working proactively to nip the Khalistan terror menace in the bud.

Haryana to Setup Anti-Terror Squad

With the backdrop of Khalistani terror acts in many parts of India, the Haryana government has decided to take proactive steps in handling the Khalistani menace. The Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has announced that the government will set up an Anti-terrorism squad in the state. He told ANI, “Anti-Terrorism Squad will be formed in which DIG and SP rank officers will also be appointed. Night vision CCTV cameras should be installed in crowded areas and government offices, buildings in Haryana where criminal incidents can be committed”.

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He also declared that the state will undertake a rigorous drive for inspection, so that anti-social elements don’t disturb the peace of the state and hide by using fake aliases. He said, “A campaign will be launched to strengthen the inspection of tenants in Haryana so that no unknown and anti-social person is living in someone’s house using a fake identity”.

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Before this, the Intelligence Bureau along with several state police forces launched a massive crackdown on the Pro-Khalistan module. The forces arrested four suspects, who allegedly had close ties with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The Police recovered heavy weapons from their possession including three Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Reason behind Haryana government decision

Pakistan and India’s internal enemies are doing every sinister thing possible to revive the dead cause of Khalistan on the border and in north-western states of India. In recent past, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have seen a resurgence of Khalistani terror. The Khalistani elements felt so emboldened that they had the gumption to put the Khalistan flag and graffiti at the gates of Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly.

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A day after that an RPG was fired at the intelligence Wing headquarters of Punjab Police in Mohali. The responsibility for both these incidents was taken up by the banned terrorist group Sikh For Justice (SFJ). Hence, it was critical for the bordering state, Haryana to devise aforementioned proactive policies against the Khalistani terrorists and their sympatisers.

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It is always better to proactively analyse the problems beforehand. As civiilisations had been destroyed owing to the fact that they failed to timely analyse the gravity of challenges they faced. Hence, it is imperative for Indian states to tackle this menace in the stringent way possible. The steps Haryana government has undertaken will assure that the state doesn’t become a breeding ground for Khalistani sympathiser and terrorists. The border states, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh should shun dilly dolly policies and adopt stringent preventive measures on the lines set by the Haryana government.

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