It has never been easy to fill in the shoes of a great leader. After the unfortunate demise of Manohar Parrikar, there was a vacuum in the Goa political circles. The BJP then entrusted Dr. Pramod Sawant to lead the citizens of Goa. This political manoeuvring may have ruffled some feathers within the state outfit. But the incredible work of Goa CM Sawant has undoubtedly won him accolades from every nook and cranny. Let’s delve in to see some of his strong actions that sets himself apart from other state leaders.

Strong action on the Conversion and drugs Racket

Goa is not only a tourist destination spot but also has been a favorite place for running an underground network of smuggling and evangelical activities. The Goa CM Pramod Sawant has been adamant to wipe out these menace from the state. The authorities have been given clear direction to follow Zero-tolerance against such criminal nexus. The law enforcement authorities regularly bust drug rackets and arrest several drug mafias.

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The illegal religious conversion is counting its last days in the state. Evidently, the Mapusa Police had arrested a couple allegedly involved in a religious conversion. The accused are identified as Domnic D’Souza and Joan Mascarenhas and are charged under section 153A, 295A and several others. The accused have been running a self-titled Christian denomination styled as the Five Pillars Church. This Church has been caught in several controversies and had received several warnings from district authorities.

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Complainant Prakash Khobrekar in his complaint said, “All the accused persons deliberately made gestures by uttering words, acts, threatened the complainant with the intention to hurt his religious sentiments and lured the complainant to accept the religion professed and propagated by them”.

Reclaiming the Hindu Mandirs and Championing the cause of Equal Rights

The Goa CM Pramod Sawant has been a vocal supporter of rich Hindu heritage and culture. In a public event, he spoke in favour of reclaiming Mandirs in the state that are in a dilapidated state. He highlighted how many Mandirs were destroyed by the Portuguese. Further, to reclaim the lost glory of these Mandirs, the government allocated ₹ 20 crore in the budget announcement. He also emphasised on the need to bring a behavioural change and bring people from beaches to Mandirs.

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He said, “In the 450 years of Portuguese rule, there was a destruction of Hindu culture and many people were converted. Temples of the state were destroyed. We are going to rejuvenate all of this. What’s wrong in that? I believe wherever there are temples in destroyed condition, they should be rebuilt. This is my firm opinion.”

At many public events the CM has praised the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) that guarantees equality to all religious communities. Further, he is in talks with other state CMs to enforce UCC in their respective states that will end skewness in civil rights.

With strict actions on drug and conversion mafias in the state, the CM has shown his tough resolve. Further, he has shown the way how to lead the development of the state and parallely focusing on rejuvenating Hindu heritage and culture. With these decisive actions, he has proven his mettle and shown that he is not any ordinary politician. He is a true case where a person delivers on the promises and hopes entrusted to him. While nobody can replace the vacuum of stalwart Manohar Parrikar, the CM Pramod Sawant has etched a name for himself and has emerged as the strongest Politician in the state.

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