Amid the final days of the Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary that concludes with Tuesday’s final vote, more concerning past remarks by candidate Kathy Barnette are surfacing, including her calling Muslims “animals.”

The New York Post’s deep dive into Barnette’s Twitter accounts and online content exposed a history of bigoted remarks aimed at Muslims.

“We must stop interacting with them as if they r rational human beings,” Barnette tweeted in 2015, according to the Post, sharing an Internet archive link of the tweet. “There is nothing rational about Islam.”

Barnette also shared a story headlined: “Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam.”

Barnette entered the final week No. 2 in the latest Trafalgar Group polling, trailing leader Dr. Mehmet Oz but within the poll’s margin of error. Barnette surged in the race after a noteworthy performance in a Newsmax debate earlier this month, with her remarks denouncing abortion going viral on social media.

Trump, who has endorsed Oz in the race, has said Barnette would “never” win the general election in November against the Democrat nominee, despite some support from conservatives. The vetting process of Barnette’s past remarks and political positions have turned up comments that would be used by Democrats in attack ads in the general election, Oz’s supporters have noted.

Polling leader Oz would be the first Muslim ever elected to the Senate, the Post reported, if he wins the May 17 primary and the November general election.

“I have many concerns with Mehmet Oz being elected to the U.S. Senate,” Barnette told the Post. “His religion is not one of them.”

Barnette has bragged about confronting Muslims and claimed former President Barack Obama was Muslim, according to the Post.

“Most think ISIS is just the radical group,” Barnette wrote in another 2015 tweet, the Post reported. “No, they are the authentic Muslim.”

Barnette also called for the Islamic religion to be “banned in the USA,” the Post reported.

“There are a lot of questions about her views that are clearly out of touch with Pennsylvanians,” Oz spokeswoman Brittany Yanick told the Post.

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