Despite the existence of stringent laws, grooming jihad cases continue to emerge from various parts of the country. In one such recent case, a Hindu woman from Delhi was abused, physically assaulted, and forced to convert to Islam after refusing to marry the accused, Saif Ansari.

According to the reports, the Hindu lady was locked for more than 8 months in the Paharganj area of Delhi, Gurugram, and Rohitas, Bihar and was gang-raped several times by the accused, his father, and other male relatives. The accused also recorded video every time the victim was assaulted and used it to blackmail her into converting to Islam.

The incident dates back to 2021 when accused Ansari approached a 26-year-old Hindu woman at the Gurugram metro station. The woman who was employed in a private company used to travel from Delhi to Gurrugram daily for her job. Ansari, however, was employed on a timing counter at the nearby bus station. He used to see the woman travel every day and had been keeping a keen watch on her.

One day, he approached her and asked for small help. He told her that his friend had recently lost his job due to the COVID circumstances and that he was looking for an employment opportunity for him. He requested the victim to look for an opportunity in her office. The duo exchanged their phone numbers and Ansari initiated the chat to further propose to her for marriage. The lady gently replied that she was not interested in the proposal as she was a Hindu.

Despite denying keeping in touch, the accused continued to pursue her and keep a watch on her. On September 6, 2021, Ansari deceptively invited her for lunch and fed her foul food. He told her that he was returning to his native place in Bihar and that he wanted to see her for one last time. He fed her with Biryani, intoxicated her through food, and abducted her. He took her to a hotel in Delhi’s Paharganj area and raped her. He also lit a cigarette, used it to physically abuse her body parts and recorded a video of the horror episode to blackmail her to accept Islam.

Ansari then spirited away the lady to Bihar where his father Shahid Ansari and other male relatives raped her. After a week or so, the accused took her back to Gurugram and locked her in his paternal aunt’s house. In Gurugram too, the victim was continuously raped by Ansari and his relatives. His paternal aunt threatened her to convert to Islam and forcefully fed her with beef.

On May 13, the victim managed to slip from the spot and contacted the Gurugram Police. She narrated the entire horror to the Police who then registered an official complaint against the accused and his relatives. Accordingly, an FIR has been registered against accused Saif Ansari, his father Shahid Ansari, paternal aunt, uncle, and other relatives who harassed the victim.

According to reports, Saif Ansari is already married and has a notorious image in his village in Bihar. The villagers while talking to Dainik Bhasker stated that Ansari has a habit of cheating on innocent girls and that he had also trapped a Hindu girl in the past. He has been living in Delhi for the last one-and-a-half year and is married.

Recent cases of Grooming Jihad

It is important to note that this is not the first time that such a case of Grooming Jihad has been reported. Last month, a minor girl was raped, blackmailed and exploited by a man named Kasim who had allegedly claimed to be Rahul. Kasim had allegedly lured the girl into a relationship online by identifying himself as ‘Rahul’. He belonged to the same neighbourhood as the victim and had gradually gained her confidence, eventually raping her and making obscene video clips to blackmail her further.

In Mumbai, a 23-year-old man named Mohammed Ansari was arrested in connection to the brutal murder of an 18-year-old NEET aspirant girl named Sonam Shukla. The victim had gone missing after she left her home for tuition. As per the police, the teenager did not attend her tuition classes and instead went to one of her female friend’s houses before leaving the place. The 19-year-old had gone to the residence of Mohammed Ansari, a graduate student and a bakery owner, where he killed her over a heated argument with her.

The Haridwar police had arrested a youth named Sadiq who posed as a Hindu to befriend a minor girl and raped her thereafter. According to the FIR filed in the case on April 10, 2022, Sadiq had introduced himself as Ratan Tyagi to lure the Hindu girl. He then threatened her with her intimate pictures and sexually assaulted her.

Besides this, there are several similar cases of Love Jihad, where Muslim men have lied about their religious identity to trap innocent non-Muslim women to forcefully marry and sexually abuse them. OpIndia has documented several such cases over the last few years.

In the recent case, an FIR has been registered against Saif Ansari, his father Shahid Ansari, paternal aunt, uncle and other relatives who harassed the victim and the case has been transferred to Paharganj Police Station for further investigation.

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