Leftist insanity — from the institutional grooming of kids into transgenderism (without parental consent and sometimes without even parental knowledge) to forced vaccinations while screaming “my body, my choice” — knows no boundaries. And science hasn’t escaped Leftist madness, either.

Most rational people would believe that NASA is wasting money on a preposterous idea that was drummed up by a very bored Leftist. More concerning is whether NASA actually believes that this might succeed, and if so, what plans they might have next.  

NASA has been drifting into Leftist irrationalism. Its global warming agenda has now given rise to a play and learn Climate Kids program “targeting upper-elementary-aged children.” This is the same Leftist-driven global climate change leadership that tragically manipulated Greta Thunberg to advance an extreme view, especially to youngsters, that “global warming” is the fault of humans, their overpopulation, and capitalist greed. 

Leftist madness has managed to seep into the uppermost ranks of every domain.

“NASA to send naked pictures of humans to space in hope of attracting aliens,” WION, May 4, 2022:

In the hope of grabbing the attention of aliens, NASA scientists are planning to send naked pictures of humans into space.

The scientists believe that a proper contact can be established with another life form, which has been tried and failed for 150 years, by sending a pixelated illustration of a naked woman and man waving “hello”, in an attempt to look inviting.

The move is part of a project called the ‘Beacon in the Galaxy’ (BITG) which aims to send a message to other space civilisations inviting them to contact humans.

Apart from the pixelated illustrations, the scientists have also included a portrayal of gravity and DNA.

The scientists believe a binary-coded message is most likely to be understood by aliens.

“Though the concept of mathematics in human terms is potentially unrecognizable to extra-terrestrial intelligence, binary is likely universal across all intelligence,” the scientists said in their official project document…..

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