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One of the foremost sages of our troubled times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Absolut), has given us a solution to the all-encompassing problem of white supremacy and white privilege in American society (and no, it doesn’t involve more vodka). Who are we, mere mortals, who cannot approach Pelosi’s levels of wisdom, piety, or blood alcohol content, to question? Ours is only to implement her commands. And so (how did you guess?), the freedom of speech has got to go.

In the wake of the shooting in Buffalo by a self-described member of the “authoritarian left,” Pelosi said, according to ABC News, “that social media companies have to address and track down extremism on their platforms.”

What a coincidence! Top Democrat leaders have been saying exactly the same thing, even before Buffalo. See, you didn’t think great minds really do think alike, but even before the shooting Barack recommended that the government adopt procedures for censoring speech based on “whether it strengthens or weakens the prospects for a healthy inclusive democracy,” by which he meant, as Leftists always do, “Leftist hegemony over the public square.” He neatly avoided troublesome Constitutional issues, or at least attempted to do so, by insisting that they simply weren’t in play at all: “The First Amendment,” he declared, “is a check on the power of the state. It doesn’t apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter.”

Another heavy Democrat hitter, Hillary Clinton agreed — also before the Buffalo shooting. She tweeted on April 21, “For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it. I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”

And now, as the remedy to the white supremacism that afflicts us everywhere, with Bull Connor and George Wallace stalking the streets and slavery itself just around the corner, Pelosi says that what we really need are people who will rat out their neighbors in the service of the benign and gentle state: “There has to be vigilance. People have to alert other authorities if they think that someone is on a path to domestic terrorism, to violence of any kind.”

Aware that there might be hidebound naysayers who will not see the wisdom of turning America into an authoritarian police state in which only one point of view, that of the far Left, can lawfully be enunciated, Pelosi added: “Obviously you have to balance the free speech issues,” and “Freedom is so important to us, but that freedom also carries public safety with it and we have to balance that.”

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