The Kerala police on Thursday traced the details of the minor boy who was seen raising provocative slogans against Hindus and Christians at a rally organised by the radical Islamic organisation Popular Front of India at Alappuzha, Kerala.

According to the reports, a police team from Alappuzha had reached Kochi to collect information regarding the minor boy and his parents after he was seen making hate speech against non-Muslims sitting on the shoulders of another PFI worker in Alappuzha recently. The police are tracking the minor’s parents to take action against them for instigating him to deliver such provocative slogans.

A video had gone viral recently in which a boy was seen making hate slogans at the ‘Save the Republic’ rally conducted by PFI on May 21. In the video, the boy is seen raising the slogan, “Hindus should keep rice for their last rites, and Christians should keep incense sticks for their last rites. If your live decently, you can live in our land, and if you don’t live decently, we know Azadi (freedom). Live decently, decently, decently.”

Meanwhile, the Kochi City police have shared the details with the Alappuzha police where a case was registered in connection with the incident, said a police officer investigating the case.

Kochi Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju said that they have accessed more details about the minor, which he said cannot be divulged at the moment. The police have also hinted about a conspiracy, suggesting that the minor was trained to chant slogans.

“We have launched a detailed probe to identify the people who trained the boy to deliver such provocative slogans,” said a police officer.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Police have arrested Ansar Najeeb, the person who carried the minor child on his shoulders. During the interrogation, Najeeb claimed that he did not know who the child was but carried him on his shoulders just out of curiosity. PFI Alappuzha district president PA Navas was also booked in connection with the incident.

As the videos from the event went viral, the police had taken cognisance of the incendiary sloganeering. In its statement, the police said that they were examining the videos.

Incendiary slogans were made at the PFI rally in Kerala

Reportedly, a mob of over 1,000 PFI supporters and members had hit the streets, engaged in threatening, abusing and calling for violence against Hindus and Christians. The mob warned Hindus and Christians of dire consequences if they did not live peacefully in the country. The mob threatened that they have not forgotten the Gujarat Riots of 2002 and cautioned the Sangh Parivar not to mistake Kerala for Gujarat.

“Be ready for your death rituals if you won’t live in our land quietly. Be ready with rice flakes to fill your mouth if you won’t live quietly (For Hindus ). Be ready to burn amber in your home if you won’t live quietly ( For Christians). Because we are coming, we are your death. We won’t go to Pakistan or Bangladesh, you have to live here as we say, or else we know how to make you live quietly, we will kill you even if we are attacked. We take pride in being a martyr, we salute them. We know how to ask for ‘Azadi’ if you don’t live quietly. So be prepared for your death,” the PFI members shouted in Malayalam.

Furthermore, the mob also vowed to conduct ‘Sujood’ ( kind of prayer ) in the disputed building of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya again. Also, they have decided to continue ‘Sujood’ in the disputed structure called ‘Gyanvapi Mosque’, which is built on the ruins of a temple in Varanasi. They said they were not leaving for Pakistan or Bangladesh, and if they did so, they would take the Sangh Parivar along with them.

“Will do Sujood in Babri Masjid again. We will do Sujood in Gyanvapi too. Insha Allah Insha Allah…Reminding you Sanghis..Won’t leave for Pakistan, won’t leave for Bangladesh. We will go to 6 feet down under instead. Sanghis, listen to us before we go, If we go, we will “take” you also with us,” said the protesters who attended the PFI demonstration.

The threat calls ended with the famous ‘Intifada Assalam”, the Islamist salute to the people who have been killed in political murders recently in Kerala. It is worth noting that the Intifada Assalam salutes were used in Iraq in 1952 before the horrifying spate of mass murder, rioting, and killings gripped the country. The same pattern continued till 2015, during the Syrian and Lybian civil wars. The calls for intifada have become a common sight in PFI rallies in Kerala nowadays.

PFI claims slogans were targetted at RSS

Amidst this, PFI state president CP Muhammad Basheer claimed that the slogan was directed against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and not against the Hindus. He further said that his party would continue fighting and resisting RSS terrorism.

The PFI leader had claimed that they gave out printed slogans, but the programme attracted a large number of people, which was beyond the organisers’ expectations.

“One group of people was sloganeering with a boy below 15 years. He was chanting the slogans, and the slogan was basically against the RSS and against the terrorism of RSS. But one or two lines were not in accordance with the policy and the culture of PFI and democratic society. It was totally against RSS. Using this instance, the people who hate Muslims or do not like the work of PFI are actively involved in the propaganda to tarnish the image of the organisation”, Basheer claimed.

The PFI has claimed that when workers associated with the organisation noticed the slogans, they stopped them.

“Many raised slogans against Hindutva terror. This boy also raised slogans. We regret the few lines of the slogans and will look into it. His slogans were not against Hindus or Christians but against Hindutva terrorists planning genocide,” PFI spokesperson Rauf Pittambi had claimed.

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