Hungary has been facing the same problem of Muslim migrants trying to get into the country that other EU states and the UK have faced. What is striking about Hungary, however, (as well as Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, that is, the nations of the Visegrad Group) is that Hungary has stopped Muslim migrants. The Visegrad Group has refused to allow into their countries those who illegally enter, threaten to impose Sharia norms, create a jihad risk, challenge their culture, and escalate crime rates.

Varga pointed out an inconvenient truth about the Ukrainian migrants vis a vis the Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East who are illegally entering.

It should be common sense that those who come illegally and attack police won’t make good citizens.

Those who ascribe to the bigotry of low expectations will call Varga a “racist” for pointing out the truth. The same behavior should be expected of all people in Western countries. One law should be upheld for all.

“EXCLUSIVE – Hun Justice Minister: Ukrainian Refugees ‘Wait Patiently, Show Respect’, Illegals ‘Breach Borders, Attack Police,’” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, May 24, 2022:

Hungary’s Justice Minister Judit Varga drew a clear distinction between Ukrainian refugees who wait respectfully for admission and aggressive illegal migrants who breach borders and attack the authorities in an interview with Breitbart News.

This is part one of an interview with Judit Varga, Hungary’s Minister of Justice.

Speaking to Breitbart London following the fourth consecutive victory of Viktor Orbán’s national-conservative Fidesz-KDNP Party Alliance in parliamentary elections this April, Minister Varga addressed the question of Hungary having opened its borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Ukraine, despite having fiercely defended its borders against previous waves of migration — often in the teeth of European Union opposition.

“There are clear differences between the refugees coming from Ukraine and illegal migrants,” said the mother of three.

“Ukrainian refugees use the official crossing points, where they wait patiently, show respect, register and are thankful for our help. On the other hand, illegal immigrants assisted by pro-migration NGOs regularly breach the borders, attack police officers, behave aggressively and refuse to cooperate with the authorities,” she explained.

“Hungarian authorities consequently do not allow into the country those not coming from a neighbouring war-torn country but from thousands of kilometres away, passing through several safe states,” she went on, describing a situation similar to the ever-worsening boat migrants crisis in the English Channel, which has seen tens of thousands of migrants travelling to Britain from safe France, usually having passed through many other safe countries en route.

Minister Varga described the Orbán administration’s firm stance on illegal immigration in terms of Hungary’s historic mission of defending “Christian Europe” — a role she said the country had been fulfilling “for centuries”….

“The whole of Europe could be grateful for the Hungarian government’s quick response to illegal migration,” she said — the “could” perhaps being key, given the European Union and left-liberal EU governments such as that in Sweden have put great pressure on the country to accept compulsory migrant redistribution quotas, and even called for Budapest to face sanctions for declining to, as they put it, “take responsibility with relation to migration”….

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