• Recently, Himanta Biswa Sarma factually demolished P Chidambaram’s claims about working of Assam Police
  • Both of the former colleagues have a history of confrontations, dating back to the days when Himanta left Congress
  • Sarma is pretty much straightforward in his approach, which is manifested in the way he talks about issues

Assam’s firebrand Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has his own way of dealing with manufactured troubles. In spite of being an upholder of closed-nit Democratic morality, he always tends to find a way to criss-cross through that system and still maintain Democratic integrity. Recently, P Chidambaram got a taste of it.

Chidambaram’s veiled attack on Himanta Biswa Sarma

The debate around Federalism in the country is brewing. The tripartite game between Punjab, Haryana and Delhi Police is posing various questions regarding the management of Police Forces. In that environment, it is natural for people to expect ‘expert’ opinions on the very matter. That is where P Chidambaram, a former Home Minister in the UPA Cabinet decided to pitch in with his comments.

In his Twitter thread consisting of three tweets, he warned that the Federal structure of the country is on the verge of breakdown. In his first Tweet, Chidambaram said that the future is bleak for existing Centre-State relations in the country. According to him, Police serving their political masters is the main reason behind it.

He also passed on advice to solve this problem. Chidambaram wrote, “The “autonomy“ of each State police force must stop at the border of another State and the police of the first State must take the consent of the other State. Otherwise, federalism will be dead and buried”

However, in between his Tweets, he also seemed to take a dig at Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma for taking a strict action on Jignesh Mevani. He cited Mevani’s arrest as a pre cursorial evidence of his concerns turning into reality.

Himanta rebutts Chidambaram on factual ground

The Tweet did not go unnoticed to Assam CM, who is effectively under the charge of law and order machinery in the state. He castigated Chidambaram for allegedly spreading lies about Assam Police. Schooling Chidambaram about the facts of the matter, he replied, “Do not compare apples and oranges. @assampolice is a disciplined force Recently persons were arrested from UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat. In each case due process was followed-local police consent sought, transit remand obtained and accused presented before magistrate within 24 hours”

As it turned out, the former Home Minister had not followed any due diligence before he posted the tweet. It is yet not clear whether Punjab Police had taken Delhi police into confidence before arresting Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga from Delhi. However, in Mevani’s case, full legal procedure was followed and no controversy arose. That is why it was totally uncalled for by Chidambaram to put them in the same bracket.

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History between Himanta and Chidambaram

As it turned out, Himanta’s retort came after a second such provocation from Chidambaram. Earlier, when Jignesh Mevani was released on bail, Chidambaram opined that a false FIR had been registered against the Gujarati leader. “Will the CM of Assam entrust the case to the CBI to find out who was the insane person who caused the FIR to be registered against Mr. Mevani?” asked Chidambaram

This is not the first time both leaders had a public confrontation. Himanta, who knows the nitty and gritty of Congress party by virtue of being a former member had another such scuffle with Chidambaram in 2017.  In one of his controversial statements, Sarma had said that Cancer is divine justice for sins. Chidambaram quoted him out of context and blamed it on Sarma changing his party from Congress to BJP.

In his response, Sarma had written, “By the way sir when did you rejoin @INCIndia ? As per as I know you were in Tamil Maanila Congress. Privileged people can indulged in any activity right from Chit Fund to Inx media, can switch party. After all #Pidi likes privileged people”

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Assam CM won’t tolerate false claims

Throughout his career, Sarma has been a no-nonsensical politician. That is why he could not garner much success in the Congress party as India’s oldest political unit mainly runs through sycophancy and catering to already popular sentiments. There is very little chance of bringing new ideas to the forefront inside Congress. Chidambaram is a constant face in the party because just like the top brass of the party, he has refused to change himself according to the needs of time.

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After coming to power, Sarma dealt with the poor legacy of Congress in his own way. He freed Police from political clutches and allowed them to curb Islamists and other nefarious elements in the way they should have been dealt with from the beginning. It is hardly a surprise when the same straightforwardness gets manifested in Sarma dealing with Chidambaram as well.

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