Hunger can make a thief of any man. The criminal jurisprudence suggests that socially disadvantaged people are more prone to violent crime. The mass migration of Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh and Myanmar poses a great social and security threat to India. Recent riots and violent protests in the national capital have been attributed to these criminally vulnerable groups.

Rohingyas in India – The Threat

According to the government’s estimate around 40000 Rohingyas are illegally staying in India. Further, the high birth rate subject to their social vulnerability is increasing the population exponentially. The combination of a high population and no income make them vulnerable to crime and other illegal activities.

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Various reports suggest the involvement of Rohingya Muslims in organized crime like drugs, human & cattle trafficking, prostitution, fake currency circulation, etc. Further, they are also very much associated with the local criminals in theft, murder, robbery, or kidnappings. After the recent Jahangirpuri and 2020 Delhi riots, the involvement of these religious bigots has also emerged. Many locals, on camera, have testified about their involvement in the Delhi riots.

Furthermore, with fraud, they made various government documents and are enjoying benefits programmed for the Indian poor families. They are not only posing a great security threat but also have captured the limited resources provided for Indians. Their exponential population growth has burdened every resource like land, food, and limited jobs available for Indians.

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India has no obligation toward refugees

India is not a signatory to the UN convention relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951 and Refugees Protocol 1967. It has no international obligation towards any refugee crisis. Further, the legal inclusion of foreigners in India is provided by statutory laws like the Foreigners Act, 1946 and The Citizenship Act, 1955.

Being a civilized nation, India has provided large aid to Bangladesh & Myanmar in their settlements. Under operation Insaniyat, India is continuously supplying food grains and other essential goods to support their living. But Bharat can not afford to risk her own existence in order to make someone happy.

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Who will survive when India dies?

The Ministry of Home Affairs recognizes the Rohingya Muslims in India as illegal migrants. Abiding with the law of the land, India should duly deport these illegal migrants before their population becomes so big that they themselves become a force above the law. The blatant violation of law will not only motivate them to further indulge in crime but will also make a constitutional nation-state look like a ‘Banana Republic’.

Fueled with radical Islamist ideas, they are now engaging with the domestic politics of the nation. With the help of left-liberal-Islamist forces, they are now manipulating the Indian state policies. Endangering the life of about 137 crore Indians, it can not afford to follow the idealist policy of humanism. India’s first obligation is to provide safety & security for its citizens.

So, to protect the unity & integrity of the nation, every illegal Rohingya should be deported back to their original state. No one should be allowed to play with the sovereignty and security of the country. The first obligation of the Indian state should be towards its citizens.

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