BJP leader and the saffron party’s youth wing national secretary, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was arrested by Punjab police from his house in Delhi on Friday. Approximately 50 policemen in 10-12 cars came to arrest Tajinder Bagga from his residence while he had not worn his turban. Moreover, the Punjab Police manhandled Bagga’s family, including his old father. In March, Punjab Police had registered an FIR against Bagga for his criticism of Arvind Kejriwal after the Delhi CM mocked ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie during the budget session of the Delhi assembly calling it a ‘jhoothi’ film. Bagga has been among the most vociferous critics of the Aam Aadmi Party for a long time.

Therefore, Arvind Kejriwal wanted to make an example out of the man. Before AAP won the Punjab polls, Arvind Kejriwal was not in control of any police force. He more or less had the powers that the head of a municipal corporation does. Therefore, when AAP won Punjab and Kejriwal became its de-facto ruler, the Punjab Police was weaponised as a tool for political vengeance.

BJP Spoils AAP’s Plans

The BJP knows that the Aam Aadmi Party is a severe threat to it. Other political parties and regional players, not so much. The Congress is insignificant, and despots like the TMC supremo will eventually combust their political fortunes all by themselves. The Aam Aadmi Party, however, is an organisation that knows how to market itself to ordinary Indian voters. It has shown that it can win votes and entire states. Therefore, the BJP considers AAP its most severe challenger moving forward.

So, when Arvind Kejriwal tried to act smart with one of the saffron party’s leaders and used Punjab Police to harass and intimidate not just him, but also his family, the top leadership of the BJP drew a red line.

Haryana Police stops Punjab police in its tracks

First, the Delhi police filed a kidnapping case against Punjab police. Important to note here is the fact that Delhi Police comes under the control of the Union Home Ministry, and as a consequence, is answerable to Amit Shah.

Separately, while the Punjab police convoy was rushing through Haryana to reach Punjab – the Haryana police stepped in at Kurukshetra and stopped the Punjab Police using its Quick Response Team (QRT).

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij stated that the Delhi Police had informed the state government about the kidnapping of the BJP leader. He also said that the Haryana government will hand Bagga over to the Delhi Police.

Punjab Police’s ploy was foiled, and Haryana Police took the BJP leader to Delhi, where he was produced before a magistrate at midnight. Bagga is said to have suffered injuries to his back and shoulders after being mishandled by Punjab cops.

The Power of Power Shown to Arvind Kejriwal

For a long, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been questioned and critiqued for not utilising the powers of his office to their fullest extent. BJP karyakartas, for example, are getting indiscriminately killed in states like West Bengal and Kerala. Communal violence is being instigated against Hindus in states ruled by the opposition. The BJP has been accused of sleeping at the wheel while all of this gets perpetrated.

However, the events that unfolded yesterday will send shivers not just down the spine of Arvind Kejriwal, but also all other opposition leaders of the country, who have been subtly told to behave themselves and watch their steps.

Haryana Police is controlled by the BJP while Delhi Police is controlled by the MHA. On Friday, these two police forces, that come under the control of the BJP, were pitted against a police force controlled by Aam Aadmi Party – all to ensure the safety of a BJP leader.

Arvind Kejriwal, you see, has been waiting for this moment for years now. He has wanted a police force under his control ever since he became the chief minister of Delhi. So, when AAP won Punjab, he thought it was curtains down for the party’s detractors and critics, who he would be able to shut up using Punjab Police.

However, when Amit Shah stepped in and used Kejriwal’s own strategy against him, the AAP chief was left flabbergasted. The Aam Aadmi Party is now behaving like a headless chicken. It does not know what struck it.

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Kejriwal wants to present himself as a masochist leader who cannot be criticised. The power has truly corrupted him. The mingling with Khalistan leaders and the prospect of being half CM of Punjab alongside an inebriated Bhagwant Mann has given him the aura of invincibility. If Bagga had not been released – it would have been another failure on the part of the BJP which subsequently would have bolstered AAP and its megalomaniac leaders’ confidence.

The BJP’s top leadership made a sound choice by deciding to teach Aam Aadmi Party a lesson when it comes to utilising power. Such action was long-awaited, and has, at least to some extent, assured BJP workers that the party will not leave them high and dry.

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