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Politico tries to put a good face on it: the new strategy is a way to help alleged vice president Kamala Harris “turn the corner on how she’s perceived in the press and across the country.” Yeah, sure, that’s it. But everyone can see what’s really going on: Biden’s handlers are now keeping The Cackler busy on issues that are so far from being on the front burner that few, if any, reporters will even be around to tell the world about the latest incomprehensible or head-bangingly obvious thing she has said or the newest way that she has demonstrated that she is completely out of her depth.

“In early April,” Politico announced, “a month after a trip to Poland and in between making dozens of calls to senators to push the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Vice President Kamala Harris took a day trip to, of all places, Greenville, Mississippi.” Yes, Greenville, Miss. Not the Southern border. Not Ukraine. Not anywhere else where she could get herself in any new trouble.

Instead, Harris found herself in “a rural town of 30,000 along the Mississippi River,” which Politico conceded was “not your stereotypical stop for a national Democrat, let alone one serving as the second most powerful politician in the country.” But Harris had gone there anyway, out of the kindness of her heart, or so Politico would have us believe, because she wanted to “talk about small businesses and community lending programs.” Sure she did.

That was the story, anyway, and Bill Bynum, whom Politico identified as “a member of an agency review team during the transition,” was sticking to it. “She wanted,” he explained, “to understand the needs in places like the Delta and then in the Alabama Black Belt and in the Deep South.” Bynum claimed that he and Harris had discussed “how the administration could play a role in increasing investments in underserved communities,” and that he had told her: “Well, Madam Vice President, if you really want to see what’s going on, you come to the Mississippi Delta.” It was all part, Politico asserted, of “an under noticed strategy for the VP’s office, one in which she’s homed [sic] her focus on the ways in which administration policy is intersecting with overlooked communities.”

If there is any strategy here at all, it is really to render the vice president herself “under noticed.” The more time she spends in Greenville, Miss. and Sunset, La., which Politico names as one of her other stops, the less opportunity she has to remind the watching world that she really isn’t very bright. The more time she spends busying herself with working on “increasing investments in underserved communities,” the less time she can devote to inquiring about racist treesexpatiating upon the passage of time, or informing us that prices have gone up.

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