The Russian army is prepared to deliver lightning-fast strikes against any country that creates unacceptable strategic threats for the homeland, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned, Pravda reported on Wednesday.

Speaking to Russian parliamentarians in St. Petersburg, Putin said that “if someone decides to intervene in current events [in Ukraine] from the outside and creates unacceptable strategic threats for Russia, then [they] must know that our response, our retaliatory strikes, will be lightning-fast, quick.”

Putin added that “we have all the tools for this – such that no one else can boast of right now. And we won’t brag – we’ll use them if needed,” emphasizing that “everyone should know about it. All decisions in this regard have already been made.”

The Russian legislators applauded Putin’s warnings to other nations.

Putin also declared that all goals and objectives of the war in Ukraine would be “achieved,” although he did not clarify exactly what he meant by this, according to Pravda.

In addition, the Russian leader expressed confidence that his country will withstand the economic pressures from both severe sanctions against it and the high military spending in the fight against Ukraine.

Putin said that it is not Russia that poses a threat to the international order, but it is “the West [that] poses a threat to the whole world,” claiming that in the first decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western governments wanted to destroy Russia by encouraging and facilitating the secession movement of Chechnya from Russia.

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