Imam Shaban has apparently removed this video from his YouTube channel, possibly because MEMRI noticed it. It’s easy to see why. He is praising someone who was so steeped in hatred that he murdered two random people and thought himself righteous in doing so. Shine a light on such open bloodlust, and very often the dissembling and concealment begin.

“Puerto Rican Imam Ben Shaban Praises Perpetrator Of Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack: This Was A Man Who Was Worth 1,000 Men; He Single-Handedly Made Tel Aviv Stand Still; Men Like This Will Liberate Palestine, Restore The Muslims’ Honor,” MEMRI, April 8, 2022:

In a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on April 8, 2022, Palestinian-Puerto Rican imam Ben Shaban praised Raad Hazem, the Palestinian terrorist who killed three Israelis and injured several others in a shooting in a Tel Aviv bar the previous day….Imam Shaban is originally from East Jerusalem and lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to his Facebook account.

Ben Shaban: “Have you heard the hadith by the Prophet Muhammad where he described some of his companions, saying: ‘One of them is worth 1,000 men’? And in another case, he said: ‘One of them is worth 4,000 men.’ We have seen this in our own time. There are many examples of men who are real heroes, and one of whom is worth 1,000 men.

“The most recent man who is worth 1,000 men that we have come to know is Raad Hazem. Who is Raad Hazem? Raad Hazem is the man who caused Tel Aviv to stand still for a whole night. He is the man who was pursued by 1,000 Zionist soldiers who were armed to the teeth. For a whole night, they were chasing the man who carried out the attack in Tel Aviv.

“The streets were empty. 350,000 settlers were hiding in their homes. This was reported in the news of the Zionists themselves. This was Raad Hazem. He ascended [to heaven] as a martyr, after praying the fajr prayer.


“There are men who will liberate this land and restore the honor of all the Arabs and the Muslims. These are men like Raad Hazem.”

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