On Thursday, the Uttar Pradesh Police arrested a person named Sahil for attempting to rape a Dalit girl and then poisoning her in Dehat Kotwali area of Saharanpur. The girl was recovered in a very critical condition from a nearby Bijopuri forest and was immediately shifted to the hospital where she was declared dead.

According to the reports, the girl was studying in class 9 and had left her home for school exams. While on her way to school, the accused from the same village abducted her and took her to a hotel. He abused her and made several attempts to rape her. The girl kept on resisting his attempts to sexually assault her.

The accused then forced her to eat some poisonous substance and abandoned her in the nearby Bijopuri forest area. The family of the girl came to know about the brutal incident only when the school teacher called them up to inform that the girl had not appeared for the exams. The family then began to search for the girl.

One of her friends reportedly informed the family about the accused and his puzzling involvement in the girl. The family of the girl then contacted the accused to enquire about their daughter.

The accused who has been identified as Sahil, abused the family members of the girl and confessed that he had thrown the girl in the Bijopuri forest. “Your sister is lying there. Go and get her”, he said to the girl’s brother. The family rushed to the Bijopuri forest and saw that the girl was lying in a critical condition with froth coming out of her mouth. They took her to the hospital where the doctors declared her dead.

Hundreds of local people from the village rushed to the hospital as soon as they came to know about the brutal incident. They held protests outside the hospital and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. According to the reports, the girl had narrated the entire incident to the family while she was admitted in the hospital, the video of which was submitted to the Police. The Police has registered the case and has arrested Sahil on charges of murder. The Police also has sent the body of the girl for postmortem in the process of investigation and is awaiting the reports.

Meanwhile, the local Bajrang Dal activists have stated that the case is another example of the rampant Love Jihad cases in the state where non-Muslim girls are being targeted for sexual harassment and exploitation by Muslims. They have demanded the death penalty for the accused.

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