The decolonization of Indian Culture and History has been the talk of the town for decades but off late it has gained new fervor and it is time to teach the real unaltered history and our deep rooted civilizational traditions and culture.

The Private Member Bill

The Rajya Sabha BJP MP Rakesh Sinha moved a private member bill on 25th March 2022. The Bill seeks “To form a civilized-cultural cell at the national and state level the adequate financial assistance to the group associated with such traditions and micro-culture.” The RS MP Sinha gave a 41 min long passionate speech during introduction of the bill.

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He emphasized on the point of “Decolonization of Imagination”, accepting everything western as true, historic, scientific and of great significance can be called as slave to Western or European mindset. He compared the amount of research available on the burning of “Great Library of Alexandria” to that of “ Nalanda” Centre of Knowledge which had 9 story library having around 2 crore books. It is believed the fire kept on for 3 months which signifies the enormity of the knowledge wealth it had.

He stressed to show that European truth is taken as absolute truth. The West has hegemony on narrative and truth the world accepts. Their minor events become more popular than our tragic ones. To explain the rot in the Macaulay’s education, he gave the example of a University Machine Cartoon by Gaganendranath Tagore, Cartoonist and family member of Rabindranath Tagore.

It has been widely written and debated that the Britishers looted nearly $ 45 trillion from India in economic terms but the amount of loss in the cultural and educational field has never been imagined let alone counted properly. The West claims to have knowledge of everything and all, before Indians ever knew of it and they have what is called “The White Man’s Burden.”

Altered Indian History and Culture

 The Indian History has been written mostly by leftist historians and have branded nationalists as extremists or terrorist and downplayed many historic significant events while overglorifing the Delhi centric Mughal dynasty. Sandeep Sanyal, Economic Advisor of PM and writer has written extensively in his book contrary to this Delhi centric History. He compared the history of Delhi to that of Coastal regions. He has in his book and many public platforms pointed out the injustice to the dynasties of South and North-East India.

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Many of the Hindu traditions and cultures have been altered or hindered too, on different grounds like pollution, orthodoxy etc. The Sabarimala Temple issue was a matter of Hindu traditions and ritual still a propaganda started against it. Many of the age-old traditions died as we started to feel unattached from our roots and didn’t pass it to the next generation, maybe because of giving more significance to Macaulay education or guilt feeling for our civilizational traditions.

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A nation cannot prosper without being deeply rooted to their civilization and knowledge of correct history. Indians need to imbibe age-old traditions in their kids and true heroes like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Laxmibai; Maharana Pratap etc. should be the role models for the upcoming generation. It is a matter of great pleasure that off late some historians like Vikram Sampath, Sandeep Sanyal etc. and few other professionals have started to shake the Indian consciousness and slowly the renaissance of Indian Culture and History will happen. 


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