“You will be wiped out but those who read Kalma will stay”, said an Islamist cleric in Jammu. He was protesting against the release of ‘The Kashmir Files’. But after the backlash, he was forced to apologize.


The deep-rooted hatred against Hindus

Taking pride in the Islamic invasion in India, he said, “We have ruled this country for about 800 years.” The statement of the Maulavi reflects his sense of justification of the mass rape, murder and conversion of Hindus in the name of Jihad. The constant attempt by Islamists to whitewash the atrocities against Hindus in this modern Indian state shows their deep-rooted hatred against Kafirs.

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An Islamist scholar in Delhi Sultanate, Ziauddin Barani, in his book ‘Fatwa-I-Jahanadari’ declared, “A Muslim king should establish the honor of theism & the supremacy of Islam by overthrowing infidelity & slaughter of its leaders who in India are the Brahmans.” The same medieval thinking of Islamists in modern times can be understood by these cleric statements.

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Unveiling atrocities against Hindus

The cleric’s call from Masjid to eliminate Hindus, verifies the fact of the atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus. The same pattern was followed in the 90s when Hindus were forced out of the state. The crocodile tears for Kashmiri Hindus and a further call to ban the movie shows their double standard. For about 30 years, even the people of India didn’t know about the bloodshed in the name of Jihad. One single movie has shaken their foundation of secularism, the hundreds of atrocities against Hindus in past are still to unfold.

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After the backlash, Maulavi was forced to apologize and in the apology video, he further protested against the release of the movie. He said, “Such movies bring disharmony in the society” and called to ban the movie. The truth will not disturb the communal harmony but definitely, it will help in feeling the pain of Kashmiri Hindus. And further to understand your pogrom against the Hindus.

The statement of cleric should not be taken in an isolated incident of hate speech. But it is a continuous effort by Islamists, to internalize the hatred against the Hindus in Madrasas and Masjids. It is an institutionalized process to build the Barani’s idea of Jihad against the Hindus. Wherever demography changes the idea to realize ‘its goal’ started to emerge. Moreover, with the help of the armed struggle they demand the rule of Shariat and the recent violent protest against CAA, NRC and Hijab is proof of it. 

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