On March 22, a man identified as 74-years-old Gurfan Ahmed was caught on camera sexually assaulting a 5-year-old minor on CCTV in Saharanpur. Later, he was caught by locals and handed over to the Police. In its statement on Twitter, Saharanpur Police wrote that the incident took place in Anand Nagar, which comes under Kutubsher Police Station. The accused has been arrested and sent to jail.

In a three-part video shared by Twitter user funnydrugs, Gurfan could be seen taking a girl child on Rikshaw and stopping in an empty lane.

Note: Disturbing visuals, reader discretion advised.

The video is dated March 22, and the time was around 12:23 PM. He left the girl alone for some time and came back after a minute while the girl waited alone on the Rikshaw. After talking to her for a few seconds, he grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her. The whole incident was caught on CCTV camera, which Gurfan was unaware of.

In the second video, he was caught by a few people who questioned him about what he was doing with the girl. When he did not give a satisfactory answer, the man, who was visibly angry over the incident, slapped him multiple times, after which he said that he was kissing the girl.

In the last video, he confessed to the crime. The man behind the camera asked him, “Speak up in the camera. What were you doing.” He said, “I kissed her what else?” When the person asked how old was the girl, he said, “5 years”. He further told he takes the girl to tuition and school.

The girl’s family refused to file a complaint

Speaking to OpIndia, Inspector Piyush Dixit said the victim’s family refused to file a complaint despite repeated requests by the Police. “The accused used to take the girl child to school on his Rikshaw. We requested the family to file a complaint. In some cases, Police take cognizance of the case and initiate an investigation. In these cases, even if the Police file a case on its own, a girl’s statement would be required at a later stage. But they did not agree on filing the complaint.”

The accused was presented in front of the court and sent to custody. Inspector Dixit said the Police would try its best to pursue the case further. With the evidence in hand, it would be up to the magistrate if the case could be continued in court without the statement of the victim. 

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