The mayor was Alain Juppé. He later became French Minister of State. This is one example of why Europe is in such deep crisis. In a sane France, he would never have held public office again.

“The left supports an association targeted for ‘provocation to terrorist acts!,’” translated from “La gauche soutient une association visée pour “provocation à des actes terroristes” !,” Infos Bordeaux, March 7, 2022:

Based in Bordeaux, the association “Comité Action Palestine” is in the sights of the Minister of the Interior. Indeed, Gérald Darmanin will ask for its dissolution, accusing it in particular of “incitement to hatred,” “violence” and “provocation to terrorist acts.”

The government accuses it of “relaying statements” and “reporting on the activity of Palestinian terrorist organizations, including Hamas, the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine and Hezbollah.” It denounces its charter, which stipulates “its support for all organizations fighting against Israel, including when they use violence or terrorist methods.”

Chaired by Tayeb el Mestari (photo, project manager at the regional direction of Youth and Sports within the social cohesion arena!), this association received the support of the NPA, the party of Philippe Poutou. The press release confirms the “Islamo-leftist” alliance, which has been widely reported in the media in recent months.

“This attack against organizations of solidarity with the Palestinian people is an extension of that of the CCIF or, very recently, of the Nantes alternative media. They were followed, during the CRIF dinner, by remarks from Castex using the Zionist formula ‘Jerusalem, eternal capital of the Jewish people,’ without a word for the Palestinian people, and by remarks denouncing NGOs, such as Amnesty International, accused of spreading ‘counter-truths’! The NPA 33 wishes to affirm its solidarity with the targeted associations and in particular here, with the activists of the CAP whom we have rubbed shoulders with for many years in the mobilizations, beyond the divergences that we may have.”

Several Bordeaux associations and left-wing parties have also announced their support for the Palestine Action Committee and its president: Parti de Gauche, the Solidaire union (SUD), the CGT Education or France insoumise.

Bordeaux residents will also be surprised to know that this association benefited from “aid in kind” from the town hall in the time of Alain Juppé!

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