It was always feared that the rise of an ‘anti-Hindu party’ like DMK to the power corridors of Tamil Nadu will translate into destruction and desecration of the Hindu faith. And like clockwork, the Hindu-hating party has started with its purge process. We at TFI had repeatedly remarked and warned of the same. And now, nearly eight months into its tenure, the MK Stalin is razing and defacing Hindu temples at a rapid speed, hitherto unseen of and rightfully earning the title of the second incarnation of Aurangzeb.

On Monday (January 10), the authorities on the instruction of the Stalin administration demolished the Narasimha Anjaneyar temple in Varadharajapuram in Mudichur near Chennai. Moreover, to rub in on the misery of Hindus, while the 30-year-old temple was destroyed, citing it was constructed on encroached land, the same authorities spared a church nearby that also lies on the same alleged ‘illegal’ land.

After the encroachment notice was served to the temple’s trustees, they had requested time till Hanuman Jayanti, which will be celebrated this year on April 16, to which the authorities had granted permission. However, the Stalin government, going against the decision, demolished the temple compounds.

Not the first time the DMK government has desecrated Hindu temples

However, this is not the first time that the Stalin government has shown its sadistic tendencies of extracting pleasure from the misery of Hindus.

As reported by TFI, last month, the Kanaka Kaleeswarar temple near Sriperumbudur, run by Tapovanam Charitable trust was demolished by the Tamil Nadu government.

The Stalin regime falsely claimed that the temple encroached government land thus it had to take strict action. However, the devotees accused the government authorities of demolishing the temple before the time limit they had given to the devotees to shift the Murtis.

The temple held immense importance to the locals and had gained a huge reputation as it had also been helping small temples around it to survive. Moreover, it has also been preventing conversion in the region which might have infuriated the MK Stalin-led DMK government.

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7 temples razed in the morning

Similarly, after being coronated as the state CM in May last year, Stalin didn’t waste a heartbeat to fulfil his heart’s deepest desires.

Under the garb of encroachment clearance drive, the Coimbatore Corporation in June demolished seven temples built along the eastern bund of Muthannankulam tank at Kumarasamy Nagar, as early as 6 AM.

While the government officials landed unannounced, a Hindu organization named ‘Hindu Munnani’ and its members scurried and started protesting against the drive. Reportedly, the Police had to detain about 240 Munnani members so that the demolition drive could continue.

Christian mafias occupy ancient Shiva temple

 While temples were being demolished early in the morning to keep the media noise to a minimum — illegal Christian properties, run by the Christian mafias upon the Hindu temples were given a free hand to run.

As reported by TFI, 95 kilometres away from Kumarasamy Nagar, the Vajragiri Hill houses a 1500-year-old ancient Shiva Temple. However, the said structure has been illegally occupied by Christian missionaries who prevent Hindus from gaining access to the temple. The Evangelists have claimed the 60-acre property under forest land and the DMK government continues to look the other way.

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DMK – a Hindu-hating party, run by bigots

Reported extensively by TFI, DMK has been infamous for its anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin bigotry in the garb of Dravidian ideology. This anti-Hindu stance is amply clear from the statements of late DMK President M. Karunanidhi who said, “Lord Rama is a drunkard“. The late president has also remarked that the term ‘Hindu’ means ‘thief’. He stated, “Who is a Hindu? You must ask Periyar EVR. A good man would say the word Hindu means a thief.”

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Continuing his legacy, the present party president and current CM MK Stalin has further strengthened the party’s anti-Hindu stance. In a public gathering in 2019, he openly stated to uproot Sanatan Dharma.

From being involved in cutting the sacred thread (poonool) of brahmins to not participating in any Hindu rituals in public, such as Ganesh Chaturthi or Saraswathi Pooja; DMK has left no stone unturned to go against Sanatan Dharma.

Known for its ultra-secular credentials, DMK and its patriarch leader Stalin would not dare go against the Church and Islamic institutions as it would mean losing out on the precious vote banks. However, the divided and blind Hindus, who continue to vote for the likes of DMK remain the easy targets. And once again Stalin has shown, how little he cares about the temples, beliefs, or customs of the Sanatan Dharma.

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