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Beau ideal Mrs. Manju Chaudhary from Paliyas, Rajasthan is a professional chef who kicked off the year 2021 with her prospering YouTube channel – ‘MANJU’S KITCHEN’. As Rajasthan has royal culture, Manju’s kitchen is all set to delivery royal as well as mouthwatering traditional dishes.

Her content revolves around healthy and exotic traditional Rajasthani and Indian cuisine. Manju believes that the Indian culture is such that its Unity lies in its Diverse tastes.

She cooks delicacies ranging from snacks to main course and desserts. What makes Manju stand apart from others is her unique twist to all the recipes. She adds a creative touch to her recipes that make it youth friendly.

In this channel you will be able to learn traditional dishes of Rajasthan like Dal bati, Churma, Bikaneri bhujia. She also teaches how to make cakes and various sweet dishes in her channel, which has gained popularity worldwide.

She also gives various tips during process of making so that viewers can make that dish easily and perfectly. Simple way of making dish is what makes this channel different from all other kitchen.

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