A Hindu youth from Anand in Gujarat has received death threats over a phone call from a Muslim youth for sharing a social media post. According to the reports by News18 Gujarati, a Hindu youth named Ilesh Parmar who lives in Petlad of Anand in Gujarat has received such threats from one Hani Sayyad. Ilesh Parmar had posted a status on his WhatsApp profile in which Lord Krishna was glorified.

Enraged at this, the accused has threatened him of death first on the chat and then over a phone call. As the audio clip of the call went viral, the news spread all over in Anand. Meanwhile, a case has been registered by the police in this matter.

What is heard in the call recording?

In the audio clip of the threat call that went viral, it is clearly heard that the accused is threatening Ilesh Parmar for posting a WhatsApp status praising Lord Krishna. The audio recording was shared by News18 Gujarati on its Twitter handle.

The talk is shared briefly as follows:

Ilesh: Hello

Accused: Hello! I will kill you Ilesh

Ilesh: Where are you, come over here

Accused: Now I am near your farm, but you have gone to college in Petlad, right?

Ilesh: Yes I go to Petlad college, so what will you do?

Accused: Why did you put that status?

Ilesh: Why would I send it to you? It is my profile. I don’t have your number saved in my phone. You delete my number and you will not see my status then. It is that much straight.

Accused: No, no, no. You remove that status. I have taken a screenshot of that and if you don’t delete the status, I will see you.

Ilesh: Ok. Do whatever you can.

Accused: Even if you do a police complaint, I will see you.

Ilesh: Do whatever you can. I don’t need anyone.

Accused: Whether you be at college or at home, I will kill you on Monday.

Ilesh: Yes try to kill me.

Accused: I will not go back home unless I kill you. Come to Petlad for college on Monday, I will see that you won’t go back alive.

Ilesh: Why not tomorrow? I can be in Petlad tomorrow.

Accused: You just remember the day. I will come to Petlad and kill you.

Ilesh: Ok. Will see.

Repeatitive incidents

Last week, a Hindu youth Kishan Bharwad, aged 27, was killed by two bike borne Muslim men over allegations of blasphemy. Bharwad had put up a post on social media which contained an image of Prophet Muhammad. Sharing an image of Prophet Muhammad is considered blasphemy in Islam.

After arresting and investigating Muslim clerics and youths involved in this case it was revealed that they were building a bigger network to target and kill more such Hindu youths a different places in Gujarat. The incident that happened at Anand holds serious importance because of this backdrop.

Petlad town of Anand in Gujarat is communally sensitive. Police have taken cognizance of this incident registered a case and the matter is being investigated further. It will also be checked if this matter is also connected to the Kishan Bharwad murder case and subsequently exposed the network of attacking Hindus for social media posts.

Arrested accused reveal more information about Kishan Bharwad case

Meanwhile, in another shocking revelation in the Kishan Bharwad murder case, the arrested accused have informed in the police investigation that they had actually planned for the murder of another Hindu youth in Porbandar. As reported by Zee 24 Kalak, they had also contacted the local Muslim youth of Porbandar to execute the plan, but at the last moment, the Muslim youth from Porbandar refused to kill the Hindu youth.

This is why they took the Dhandhuka plan on priority and killed Kishan Bharwad. It is notable that the Porbandar youth was also the target of this Jihadi network because he had posted something on social media which according to the accused Muslims is an act of blasphemy.

Accused Shabbir and Imtiyaz both were arrested by the police. Zee24Kalak has reported that both of them had hired a Muslim youth from Porbandar for a similar target killing but he refused at the very last moment. They had also contacted a Muslim youth from Jamnagar to execute a similar killing job. According to the report, Qamar Gani Usmani had visited Ahmedabad and Surat 6 months ago. Many young Muslim boys from Gujarat were in connection with him. Earlier, the Pakistan connection was also exposed in this whole matter.

Modus Operandi

During the police investigation, Shabbir and Imtiyaz had spoken about the way these killers used to operate. In Dhandhuka’s Kishan Bharwad murder case and in the unexecuted or unsuccessful plans of Porbandar and Jamnagar, the hired killer would keep a close watch on the target Hindu youth as in who does the target meet regularly, what are the places usually visited by the target, who is the target accompanied by at what time of the day, etc.

The list of the targets can be still long and the number of Muslim youth in contact with the Jihadi mentors can also be higher than revealed. State ATS is doing further investigations in this case.

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