In a country where the law empowers women and ensure better stature and equal rights, some seem to be misusing the law for their gain. The laws meant to protect genuine victims are being misused by some opportunistic women. Men are subjected to punishments despite being innocent and women who frame the men in false cases are acquitted. However, in a recent case, a Gurugram fake rape accuser has been arrested which can be an exemplary move to warn those committing such a heinous crime.

Woman arrested for falsely accusing men of rape

On Wednesday, a 22-year-old woman was arrested by Gurugram Police for alleged extortion of money from a man. The woman also threatened the man to falsely accuse him of a rape case if he refused to marry or did not pay the money.

Preet Pal Sangwan, ACP Crime, stated that “The woman has filed eight cases of rape against eight different men at seven police stations in Gurugram – Rajendra Park, Sadar, Cyber, sector 5, New Colony, sector 10 and City in the last 15 days.” He also said that the woman’s mother and an uncle were also involved in the alleged extortion “syndicate.”

The ACP further added, “An FIR was registered against the woman on charges of extortion and conspiracy on December 23 after a resident of Karnal filed a police complaint alleging that she had been blackmailing him and coercing him to either get married or pay her money.”

The woman sent him the FIR on WhatsApp and asked him to marry her. She also told that if he agrees, she will make a medical excuse and not record her statement in court.

Feminazi victims suffering, fake rape accusers are not guilty

While there exists a section of women who are leaving no stone unturned to make our country proud and define women empowerment in the most honest way, it cannot be denied that few women are using the laws in their favour to demean men. It is because of the fake allegation of such women that a man’s life is destroyed and no one even waits to look at his side of the story.

On 23 August 2015, Sarvjeet and Jasleen Kaur had a scuffle, following which Jasleen had threatened him with dire consequences. Subsequently, she uploaded a Facebook post, alleging that Sarvjeet had molested him, and threatened her with dire consequences. Following the accusation, people reacted almost immediately to the same, without even analysing the case rationally.

However, after 4 years of suffering, Sarvjeet was acquitted as he was innocent. But there were no actions taken against Jasleen.

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Sarvjeet was not the only person who had to face humiliation due to the false case. In Rohtak, a video of two girls went viral in which they were seen beating up three young men, who had allegedly molested them. The then Haryana CM, Manohar Lal Khattar had even announced a bravery award for the two girls. However, he had to withhold his order soon when the case turned out to be false. 

There exist scores of Jasleen in the country who do not even think twice before destroying a man’s life. However, the recent arrest of a Gurugram Feminazi will set an example for these women and the man’s narrative will also be considered before coming to any decision.

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