Expelling this student is just dealing with a symptom of the real problem. Will France have the courage to confront those in the country who believe that Sharia blasphemy laws should be imposed and enforced?

“‘Samuel Paty had to open his mouth’: 13-year-old banned from school for defending terrorism,” translated from ““Samuel Paty n’avait qu’à pas ouvrir sa bouche” : une ado de 13 ans exclue de son collège pour apologie du terrorisme,” Valuers Actuelles, December 9, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

“It’s not my fault that he’s dead. It’s because he didn’t have to open his mouth…” These words were said last November 17 by a 13-year-old high school girl during a Spanish class. She was referring here to Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography, who was murdered in October 2020 by a terrorist, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. After that, the student was expelled from her school, located in the town of Mesnil-Saint-Denis, in the Yvelines, Le Parisien reports, Thursday, December 9. Proceedings have been opened for defending terrorism and the girl will be presented in early January to a juvenile judge.

The teenager was initially excluded from school as a precaution, Le Parisien said. She then went to a disciplinary council on November 29. The latter pronounced her final exclusion. At the same time, a procedure for acts of defense of terrorism was therefore opened by the group of violence against people from the Urban Police of Elancourt, continues the daily. For her part, the Spanish teacher, shocked by the words of her pupil, has been on sick leave since the events, observes Le Parisien. She was heard in connection with the investigation, along with the principal of the college.

Other people were interviewes, such as classmates of the teenager, present during this class. They were thus able to confirm her words. Convened on December 7, the latter partially acknowledged the facts, without however realizing their magnitude. As for her mother, she mentioned the difficult and provocative behavior of her daughter to investigators, observes Le Parisien. The teenager, on the advice of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, was summoned to an Educational Unit at the Tribunal (UEAT). On January 10, she will be presented to a juvenile judge.

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