CNN producer John Griffin, of Stamford, Connecticut has been accused of luring a woman and her nine-year-old daughter to his home in Vermont and ‘training’ her to be sexually submissive. He had allegedly told the minor that a woman is a woman irrespective of age. He has been charged on three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to sexually abuse minor girls.

As per reports, he was arrested on Friday by the FBI. He is accused of using Google Hangouts and messaging app Kik to communicate with people purporting to be parents of the underage girls. He allegedly used the platforms to persuade parents of underage girls to allow him to groom their minor daughters to be sexually submissive.

Griffin joined the CNN in 2013 and worked closely with Chris Cuomo, CNN journalist and bother of former New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo who was fired by the media house after he tried to help his brother deal with sexual harassment scandal.

According to the indictment by a jury in Vermont, Griffin tried to attempt and incite two other children over the internet to engage in sexual activity. In June 2020, he told a mother of 9 and 13 year old girls that she needed to have her daughters ‘trained properly’ and allegedly also sent her 3,000 dollars for plane ticket so that she could travel with her daughters to Boston from Nevada. He then picked them up from airport and drove them away to his Vermont home.

According to prosecutors, the girl was forced to engage in sexual activities.

Griffin is also accused of coordinating a ‘virtual training session’ with a woman where he instructed her and her 14-year-old daughter to remove clothes in the video chat. The incident allegedly took place in April 2020. As per the indictment, Griffin has admitted to having groomed and sexually trained girls as young as 7 year old.

If convicted, Griffin faces 10 years of imprisonment on each federal count.

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